Throughout my life I have know things without understanding the reason. As a teen I was given a beautiful Tarot Deck & I was hooked. I was intrigued by the colour & the translation of colour to energy & how it communicated itself in life, health & spiritual growth. Combining my love of Colour, & Crystals I began my journey into Colour Therapy. Today I am a certified Crystal Light Practitioner, using the language of colour, crystals & oils to balance the energies of the body, identifying situations & circumstances that challenge you & help you to release, so that you may meet each day easily.

Through my connection with Spirit I am able to provide a client with clarity & insight, to promote positive motion forward. I trust the information provided to me, will serve the clients highest regard. Using Tarot and or Crystals provides a visual guide for the client and confirmation from Spirit.


Colour Personality Test & Consultation

What hue are you? Do you ever wonder why a friend, client, co-worker, partner or boss just doesn’t Get You? Perhaps your strongest energy is Red. You are Direct, Energetic, Responsible, Open & Decisive, However, your boss is a strong Violet, Charming, Inspirational on many levels, but a bit Fanatical. Well with these two strong energies there is going to be some compromise.

Perhaps you suffer from anxiety, laugh out of turn, or are fearful. Learning about your energies can open the door to understanding how you think, speak, feel & explain why you respond to a situation in a specific way. Disharmony in an energy can be seen in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental body.

Chromolive Light Colour Therapy

Throughout history man has used the sun’s energy as medicine. These treatments are based on Eastern medicine philosophy. The sensitive bioenergies become imbalanced if our lives are constantly stressed, resulting in our life energy flow becoming disturbed, Through the radiation of the right therapy colours on the reflex zones or acupuncture points, the bioenergy of the cells (energy paths) can be corrected. Treatment is to harmonize & restore the bioenergy & internal colour equilibrium . We absorb colour energy through the energetic intake over the Chakras, nutrition, water, sunlight or specific colour-light treatment.

Chromolive treatments available; Facials (reduce wrinkles, large pores & scarring), Spider/Varicose veins, Arthritis, Migraines, High/Low blood pressure, reflexology and much more (for a complete list please speak with me).


Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. Reiki is a Japanese (channeled) technique for stress reduction & relaxation that also promotes healing, lowering blood pressure & treating physical ailments in the body.

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through & around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind & spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation, peace, security & well being.

The secret art of inviting happiness. The miraculous medicine of all diseases. Just for today. Do not anger; Do not worry & be filled with Gratitude; Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to all beings. Every morning & evening join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart & chant these words with your mouth.

-Usui Mikao

Quantum Touch

Is a method of natural healing using Life Force Energy “Chi/Prana” to promote optimal wellbeing. Quantum Touch addresses the root cause of the dis-ease or dis-order in the body to create the optimum space for true healing to occur. Quantum Touch is effective in reducing pain & inflammation in the body, realigning skeletal structure & balancing organs & glands.

Each person is different & the way that a person perceives energy directed into the body is very individualized. A treatment feels peaceful, allowing all body systems to activate and be engaged. A treatment can cause one to feel emotionally balanced & can bring about emotional shifts in a short span of time.

Working with Crystals

Crystal: A piece of Crystalline substance believed to have healing properties & power.

Light: A natural agent that stimulates sight & makes things visible. Spiritual illumination by divine truth, visible wavelength, which can be separated to yield the colours of the light spectrum.

Therapy: Treatment intended to relieve, release and/or heal a disorder.

Crystal healing has been on the planet for centuries. Crystals carry vibrations that resonate to a specific energy meridian or Chakra.

Crystal Therapy: Purification

We have been taught that before a person can be healed or heal another, one must be cleansed of any bad feelings, negative thought or energy. This helps the healing to come through in a clear way without distortion, also readies the body to accept crystals.

Crystal Therapy: Crystal Light Chakra Balance & Meditation

A powerful guided imagery meditation during which crystals are introduced on the body incorporating the sense of smell ( essential oils & spiritual spray), tapping (increasing the vibration/charge of the crystal into the energy/Chakra), and toning (using sound vibration), to further increase the vibration/charge into the energy/Chakra. This treatment is a safe holistic approach to release, clear & cleanse each Chakra & person as a whole.

Crystal Therapy: Crystal Light Therapy of Back of Body

When working on the back it is essential to remember that we are working with emotional energy held at the subconscious level and it usually relates to old emotional pain, physical injuries & past life experiences. Experience and traumas(birth, childhood, abuse) are some of the types of unconsciously held energy that can be store in the back side of the auric body & can be found lodged in the chakras.

Crystal Therapy: Crystal Point Massage

Using vibrational oil, Lemarian Quartz, that when activated creates a piezoelectric charge that interacts with your own electromagnetic field, releasing blockages to create a synergistic blend of mind, body & spirit.


Colour Personality Test: $40
Colour Personality Test & Consultation $70
30 Min. Chromolive Treatment $50
30 Min. Reiki Treatment $50
60 Minute Reiki Treatment $80
30 Min. Crystal Light Therapy Purification $50
90 Min. Crystal Light Therapy Purification & Chakra Balance $120
120 Min. Crystal Light Therapy Purification & Crystal Point Massage $160
120 Min. Crystal Light Therapy Purification & Chakra Balance with Crystal Point Massage $180
Infrared Bio Amethyst Mat (Per Minute) * $1.00

* Free with other treatments

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