Tara Diana has spent many years quietly developing her Spiritual Awareness. She has studied different aspects of spiritualism and has discovered a strong connection with her guides, teachers and guardians. Through her energy healing and mediumship she has developed her abilities to connect with spirit and to provide guidance and counseling to those in need – working with the release and manifestation energies, Tara believes that everyone is able to live a life of peace and harmony.

Always working with the intent of for YOUR highest and best at this time, Tara Diana allows herself to be a channel for Spirit – whether it be loved ones, guides, animals, or the angelic or faery realms – her connection is pure energy and always meant for you to be able to use the tools Spirit gives you to continue on your Spiritual Journey.

By connecting with Spirit first and allowing the messages to flow through – she then will use oracle cards (many different decks – which one depends on your energy) to confirm the messages you need to remember when you walk out of a reading.

Tara Diana prides herself on being associated with several Spiritualist Churches, having attended The Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College in Stansted, England focusing on Trance & Psychical Mediumship, as well as having a strong connection with the Spiritualist Community as a whole which has allowed her to grow to a higher consciousness and to be able to appreciate the knowledge that like-minded people as she have to offer.

Tara Diana is a co-founder of T&T Spiritual & Wellness Connections and spends much of time driving her kids back and forth to their never-ending sports LOL.

Thanks again – I’ll see you soon… Blessings.


Private 45 Minute Sessions $120.00
Private 30 Minute Sessions $80.00
Private Development Sessions 1.5 hours $150.00
Seichem Energy Healings* 1.5 Hours $150.00
Past Life Regression 1.5 Hours $150.00
Release & Manifestation Sessions 1.5 Hours $150.00

* Includes Aura Cleanse & Chakra Balance.

For more information please contact Tara via email.

All sessions are done from my home – if you prefer to have a session in your own private home contact me for travel rates.

Group Demonstrations

Demonstrations of Mediumship done in a group environment. Please note that with larger groups not everyone is guaranteed a message but I will work accordingly with Spirit to provide as many as I can. Each individual will generally receive a brief message approximately 5-7 minutes long.

There is an additional fee for travel time depending on the location.

Minimum for a group 5
Maximum for a group 10
Cost Per Person $50.00

Mini Reading Party

This can be added on to the Group Demo’s as well as be booked on their own. There is a minimum and maximum but that depends on the length being chosen for the readings – also there can be a mixture of times ie: 3 x 15 minute readings, 1 x 30 minute reading.

15 Minute Sessions $50.00 Maximum 12
20 Minute Sessions $60.00 Maximum 9
30 Minute Sessions $70.00 Maximum 6

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