Individual Sessions

We offer a variety of services for our one-on-one sessions. For more information of what we offer, please view Tara Diana and Tina Clelland‘s profiles.

Event Booking

Book a Spiritual & Wellness event in Vancouver! Hire our practitioners offering Intuitive Readers, Mediums, Tea Cup Readers, Runes, Tarot, Aura Pictures, Reflexology, Foot Detox, Chakra Balancing, Quantum Touch, Amythest Bio Mat, Energetic Healing & Aura Cleansing.

What’s Included?

Professional, highly recommended practitioners who will be on time and provide you with an incredible experience on all levels. A hostess is also provided to ensure that all runs smoothly so that your event will be everything you thought it would be!

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things shift and change – so we ask that if you need to cancel the party we require 72 hours notice, or a $25 fee will be applied. Of course, rescheduling is always an option! If someone from your guest list cancels we ask that you contact us right away so we can adjust accordingly.


Allow us to help you coordinate a unique way to fundraise for your charity, team events! We have great ideas and the ability to put it all together for you at a reasonable price!!

Large Events

If you wish more than 5 practitioners, or for large groups, corporate events, etc., (15 people or more), please call Tara or Tina for special pricing.

The Fine Print

Readings are 15 minutes per session. Healings are 15-30 minutes per session, depending on the type of Healings. A minimum of 4 people are required. An additional long distance travel fee may apply, depending on location.

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